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About Bongs

Bongs are cool. In my opinion, bongs are the best kind of paraphernalia you can smoke out of. There is pretty much no point of smoking tobacco out of a bong. In fact, that ruins it. Enough about tobacco, as you are going to be wanting to smoke weed out of a bong and nothing else (I hope). I think bongs are cool for a number of reasons. You can do things with a bong you couldn't do with a pipe or joint. I think bongs should be designed for the smoker's maximum pleasure. Bongs look cool. They are probably the coolest-looking of all paraphernalia. If you put ice in a bong, it cools your smoke. The bubbling sound the bong makes when you toke it is cool. There are a lot of reasons to like bongs, but you have to find out why you like them, by toking one yourself.

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