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Bongs Versus

This is my Bongs Versus page. This compares the different types of paraphernalia to bongs.

Bongs vs. Pipes

One of the main reasons that I like bongs better than pipes is because bongs are a lot cooler to hit. If you have cold water in your bong when you hit it, it cools the smoke. You can't do that with a pipe. Also, pipes give you a more direct hit, which gives you a better hit, but I don't like the way it feels. Bongs give you a smooth flow of smoke, in my opinion. I have a pipe, named Sherlock. It doesn't hit very well and tastes kinda nasty. I don't use it very much, but I use my bongs a lot.

Bongs vs. Joints

I think that bongs are better than joints because joints can be unstable. If you don't roll them properly you can have problems. With a bong you only have to worry about loading the bowl right, which isn't that hard. Also, with joints you are smoking paper. Not that much, but it's still kinda sick. It makes the weed taste weird too. With bongs you only taste pure, cool smoke. Also, with bongs you can alternate the taste by putting different liquids in the bong.

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