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How to Use a Bong

You may or may not know how to do this, but i'm gonna tell you how to do it anyway. First, you have to have a bong, duh. Second, you need to know the specific parts. Here is a picture of a basic bong. You can find all of the following parts on it.


Mouthpiece: The top of the bong where you put your mouth to inhale the smoke.
Chamber: The chamber of bong is anywhere where the smoke is held is the bong until you suck it out.
Carb: Your bong may or may not have one of these. This is a ventilation hole in which air runs through to rush the smoke into your lungs.
Downpipe: The pipe in which the smoke travels down through the water and into the chamber.
Cone: The bowl, or where you put your weed. You ought to know that.


Steps to lighting up a bowl and smoking it:

  1. Flick your Bic and hold the lighter right above the bowl.
  2. Start sucking. The flame should pull down onto the bowl.
  3. Continue lighting until you feel a little smoke in your lungs.
  4. Stop lighting, and take you finger off the carb/pull the stem out of the bong.
  5. Inhale deeply, and the smoke should rush into your lungs.
  6. Pull away from the bong and INHALE. This is the part that gets you high.
  7. Exhale the smoke out of your lungs.
That is how you smoke a bong. It may not make much sense now but it will when you start using a bong more often.

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